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Qualitee.org care about the rights and the welfare of animals, of vulnerable innocent humans, and for our planet. Help us spread the word and save lives everywhere, by promoting awareness of the plight of animals and vulnerable humans throughout the world.

We also have a range of t-shirts with humorous themes, music related themes, and personalized t-shirts and hoodies for you, a loved one, or your friends. Most items (gents or ladies tees and hoodies) come in a variety of colors and sizes, so just click on the design to find a color and size that is right for you.

We know you’ll LOVE your purchase. If not the purchase price will refunded, subject to certain conditions.


Qualitee.org acts as an affiliate for our supplier, who may make available certain items on their website that we ourselves do not promote, but which may be available to purchase by linking from our site to theirs. Unfortunately this is beyond our control. We, Qualitee.org, only actively promote the items in our Collections, and also anything else for sale by our supplier that in our opinion is ethical and similar to those in our collections. We DO NOT condone ANY kind of animal abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., or exploitation of any animal or human or of our planet.

Please email us at sales@qualitee.org
if you have any concerns or queries.